Health Illness And Wellbeing

Keys To Achieving Health And Well Being

health-illness-and-wellbeing-image1The definition of the terms health, illness and well being may vary especially if you will take into account the perceptions of the individuals on the said concepts. Health is defined by the World Health Organization as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. Illness in context refers to the context of suffering a disease. Well being on the other hand is used interchangeably with health and wellness. Thus, the terms health, wellness and well-being encompass a lot things like mentally, physically and emotionally. Healthy body and mind means the absence of diseases.

In achieving health and well-being, healthy lifestyle plays the most significant role because it speaks about the food you eat to nourish the body and mind; the activities to undergo in order to be physically strong and resilient to diseases; and what to be avoided to maintain health and wellness.

Health Lifestyle Tips

Watch what you are eating – Eating right foods at the right amount is crucial for the development and maintenance of healthy body. Your diet will tell what diseases you are prone to suffer and how healthy you can be to resists disease causing factors surrounding you. This may be a common advice but is always compromised eat fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins, whole wheat and other foods with nutritious elements to completely nourish the body.

health-illness-and-wellbeing-image2Avoid excessive drinking of alcohol – Alcohol when taken without moderation can retard the muscles, kill the cells and prevent it from regenerating thus, high blood pressures, liver and lungs diseases may develop. Mental health can also be affected with excessive alcohol drink. These then beget more serious illnesses.

Avoid Smoking – The health professionals always warn people to quit or avoid smoking. This is very important in achieving healthy lifestyle. Life threatening diseases like cancer and stroke where linked to cigarette smoking. If you are presently smoking, there are ways to quit this habit and of course self-motivation and determination that you really can do it do also matter.

health-illness-and-wellbeing-image3Visit Your Doctor Regularly – You need your dentist and your physician for regular check-ups. You must be recommended for laboratory tests and prescribed with the right does of medicine or food su0pllements. Even if you feel like you are not sick, you still have to go to your doctors for medical advice so medical conditions can be identified at early stages especially if your family has medical conditions which can possibly be present on you as well.

Regular Exercise – Regular physical activities will make you healthier. You can do walking or jogging in a daily basis even at 15 to 30 minutes in a day. If you enjoy aerobics, dancing, biking and other activities, you can also engage on it. Gardening at home or doing household chores can also be a big help.