Medical Illness Symptoms

medical-illness-symptoms-example-1Understanding your body is essential to early detection of diseases. Medical advice is necessary as well so you can get the right treatment and guidance on how to deal with diseases. Medical illness symptoms can be first distinguished by you. Once you feel something strange in your body and are not considered normal, you really have to consult your physician, submit yourself for screening and laboratory tests and adhere to medical advice of the doctor.

Online there are so called symptoms checker. All you have to do is to assess within yourself and pinpoint the pain and you may submit the descriptions online so you will get a reply. The other way around of doing this is to check with you, the lists of symptoms and its link to the diseases posted online. Once you have known of the possible diseases, you can have more searches and get more information.

Knowing the symptoms of the possible diseases is really important. A symptom is an evidence of disease like pain, anxiety, fatigue and some other feelings. These things should be told to your doctor. The health care professionals whom you will seek help will use the symptoms you have felt and the signs they have seen as their clues to make a diagnosis for the illness. With the signs and symptoms, the doctors will make some diagnosis so initial tests can be done and treatments follow thereafter.

Symptoms Of A Heart Attack

If you feel the following, these are symptoms of heart attack:

• Discomfort or pain in the back, stomach, jaw and both arms
• Pain the center of the chest and a feeling of uncomfortable pressure;
• Shortness of breathing accompanied by chest pain
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Cold sweat
• Lightheartedness

medical-illness-symptoms-example-3Signs And Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is a silent disease like all other cancers and its symptoms cannot be easy discerned.

• persistent pelvic pain
• abdominal pain
• bloating abdomen
• difficulty in eating or lose in appetite
• fatigue
• back pain
• difficulty urinating

medical-illness-symptoms-example-2Signs And Symptoms Of Infection After Surgery

The incision may be hot when your touch it. This is because the body is fighting against the infection.

• Swelling. The tissues on the incision area may become hard due to swelling and inflammation.
• Redness. This accompanies swelling. The reddish incision is surrounding the skin. Your doctor may say that it is normal for incision site to be red in color but it should not be in a prolonged period of time.
• Pain. The pain is persistent instead of diminishing as the wound slowly heals.

Signs And Symptoms Of Urinary Tract Infection

The urine is cloudy in color and has foul odor:

• Fever
• Pain when urinating
• Abdominal pain
• Cramping in the back of the abdomen
• Chilling
• Fatigue and ill feeling
• Night sweats while shaking
• Red skin
• Nausea
• Vomiting

The symptoms of any illnesses you may feel can be relieved with over the counter drugs and even home remedies. However, if the symptoms persist, the advice of the health professional is really needed otherwise, chances are, you might be able to suffer a worst condition. Listen to your body and be conscious about anything you feel strange about.