Melbourne Flyscreens

The Finest Options In The Market

melbourne-flyscreens-image-1When making home improvements, it is essential to consider installing flyscreens. They not only provide excellent air circulation in the home, but also prevent bugs from entering the rooms. You can install Melbourne flyscreens on doors or windows, and you can pick from a standard or security flyscreen, depending on your need.


Most Melbourne flyscreens are made from aluminium frame and have a fiberglass, steel or aluminum mesh. They are coated with powder in a color of your choice. The flyscreens can also be made from a timber frame; these are available in a stained, painted or polished finish.

Flyscreen Doors

There are a variety of flyscreen doors you can pick, including sliding or hinged doors, half panel flyscreen doors, with or without grilles. Half panel flyscreen doors are made from embossed panel on the bottom half of the door, and are commonly found on laundry doors. Half panel flyscreen doors have a flymesh with a grille on the top half of the door.


Awning windows are designed to accommodate flyscreens without trimmings. They have a chain winder, making it easy to install the flyscreen. For casement windows, the flyscreen is installed inside the window and can roll up when not in use. Otherwise, it is installed outside the double hung window.

Insect Flyscreens

Insect flyscreens are also available in a variety of frame types and colors, and are installed in your existing hinged or sliding doors. Insect flyscreens can also be installed onto existing windows, and can easily be opened and closed. The flyscreens can even be removed entirely when not required using a two-piece hinging system. When you close the flyscreen and open your door, you allow air and light into your home while keeping insects out without the use of insecticides. Retractable insect screen windows roll up when not in use, and are available either as vertical or horizontal screens.

Magnetic insect screens allow air circulation in your home while keeping off insects. When installing them, all you have to do is lift the corner handles, and the screen is held in place through magnetic seals which hold onto the aluminum window.


Melbourne flyscreens can make a beneficial part of your home as they can be fitted into aluminum, steel or wooden windows. If you have a burglar proof window, the installation can easily be done around it. Flyscreens offer you a healthier alternative of keeping bugs out as you do not have to use insecticides, and since they allow air flow into your home, they keep the home cool, reducing your energy bills.

What To Look Out For

When you are planning to purchase flyscreens for your home, it is advisable to buy them all at once since you will get a better deal than if you buy one at a time. This is because the supplier will only have to come once to your home to install them. You can also request the supplier to prepare a pet proof mesh if you have pets that can withstand scratches from pets.