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Plants Online – Making a Convenient Purchase

Plants OnlineWhen you are planning to buy plants, one of the options you may think about is to buy the plants online. However, this may be tricky since you cannot physically see the plants; all you have are the pretty photos posted on the different websites that sell plants online. There are a few things you can look for when purchasing plants online to ensure you get the best deal possible from your purchase.

Products offered online

As you go through various websites that sell plants online, the most common categories of plants you will come across include hedges, flowering plants, grasses, trees, shrubs and pots – just to name a few. Most of the plants offered for sale online are young plants, since they are much cheaper than fully grown plants and mature very fast, making them the preferred choice for many.


Online stores have the capacity to reach a very large clientele as compared to those operating from physical stores. This means they are able to make more sales, and this in turn enables them to offer you competitive prices. In addition, online stores mostly purchase their products in bulk at good prices, and they will therefore be able to offer you a good price. If you are looking for plant variety, an online store will offer you just that, and will sometimes have plants from other parts of the world available for you to try. Some online stores sell the plants directly from the growers, which significantly cuts on costs.

How to make a purchase

Once you have made a decision on the plants you want to buy, all you need to do is visit your preferred website and select the plants you want to purchase and quantities. You can then checkout by providing your payment information. Alternatively, some websites will give you the option of making a manual order by filling an order form provided on the website with your contact details. The vendor will then get in touch with you to arrange payment. It is advisable to complete an order and pay immediately, as you may find your choice of plants sold out if you pay at a later date.


Most online stores will endeavor to deliver your plants to you within a week from the time the order is placed. If the plants you ordered are out of stock, the sales staff will get in touch with you to advise you on how soon the product will be available. The plants are normally wrapped in plastic bags and securely boxed before transportation to ensure that they get to you in tip top shape.


Most stores selling plants online will offer you a guarantee for the plants you purchase. If you are not satisfied with the quality of plants delivered, you should notify the vendor immediately. Some vendors will require you to email a photo of the damaged plants before an exchange or refund can be organized. The vendors may also specify a maximum number of days within which the plants should germinate, failure to which you are also eligible for a refund or exchange.