Rick Otton

Rick Otton’s Revolutionary System Promises To Revitalize The Property Market

Rick OttonCurrently, the property market within Australia seems to be going through a lull. This presents a not-so-good prospect for investors, especially since the “best” days in the property market seem to be long gone. Such a daunting state of affairs require innovative and revolutionary systems to jump start the property market and get more people buying and selling properties. One such innovative system is presented by Rick Otton.

Firstly, you need to understand the true state of affairs in the Australian housing market scene, in order to appreciate the need for innovative solutions.

The Current State Of The Australian Housing Market

According to data from SQM Research, the Housing market in April, 2014 recorded a minor decrease in for-sale listings at 1.2%. Moreover, the for-sale listings were down 3.8% during 2014. Such decreases in the housing market are further magnified by the fact that the ‘Asking Prices Index’ reveals that prices for Houses and Units were relatively stagnant month-on-month. Definitely, such results reflect a sluggish property market that is in a lull phase.

This lull may appear as a momentary phase, but the prospects for the future of the property market may not be as good as they were in the past. This is evident from the observation made by Louis Christopher, the managing director of SQM Research, that the housing market boom in Sydney is practically over. What is even worse is the fact that clear evidence indicates that the Darwin and Perth housing markets are being negatively affected by the mining downturn (sourced from an excerpt in Macrobusiness).

Only radical and innovative systems can get investors and buyers activated within the housing sector.

Rick Otton’s Innovative System

Rick proposes not just to provide an alternative to the traditional systems used in property market, but to radically transform the way people actually sell and buy property. In his system, he presents a two-fold approach (seeking to change the mindset of would-be home buyers, as well as presenting an innovative system that enables people to buy and sell property with little or even no investment capital at all):

(i) In changing the mindset of would-be home owner, Rick highlights the two common mistakes that many home buyers make. Generally, people don’t have a clear idea of their main goal in buying or selling property and they also fail to have a proper exit strategy. Often, buyers mix up the goals that they have while buying property. It is not uncommon for someone to plan to live in the house, but still have a hidden desire to sell it or rent it out. Without having clear focus on the main purpose of buying property, you end up using the wrong strategies in buying, which costs you more or leaves you in long term debt. When you have a proper exist strategy, you know exactly how you will derive revenue from a property investment, or the length of time it will take to pay for it.


(ii) The prospect of buying a house for $1 is a strategy used by corporations. As corporations transfer debt from one to the other, with only a small amount of money (even $1) as a legally identifiable consideration. Rick’s revolutionary property acquisition system has been developed from this simple and effective concept.