Straighten Teeth

Straighten Your Teeth And Get The Smile You Dream Of

straighten-teeth-image-1When it comes to appearance, one of the features which have the biggest impact on a person’s confidence is their teeth. Poorly aligned teeth or noticeable gaps can make a person very reluctant to smile, and that can cause them to feel self conscious in social situations. Therefore, a visit to a cosmetic dentist can boost your confidence as well as your looks. Here are a few of the procedures which can help towards creating a perfect smile.

Tooth Extraction

One of the biggest causes of misaligned teeth is an overcrowded mouth. People who have larger teeth are particularly likely to have the issue. Consequently, one of the earliest stages in fixing a person’s teeth is often tooth extraction. Generally, one of the molars will be removed to create more space, rather than taking out one of the front teeth. In younger patients, baby teeth may be extracted to encourage better alignment, as baby teeth which are late to fall out can cause the adult teeth to come in crooked.

Traditional Braces

One of the most common and cost effective – methods of straightening teeth and closing gaps are metal braces. The wire is fixed across each tooth and appointments are needed every six weeks to tighten the wire. This will exert pressure on the teeth which will gradually pull them into alignment. Treatment times will vary greatly, depending on how noticeable the misalignment was to start with, but on average a patient will need to wear braces for between 18 months and 2 years.

Clear Braces

Metal braces can give great results, but some patients are reluctant to wear them because they are extremely noticeable. More adults than ever are choosing to get their teeth fixed, and they can be particularly resistant to the idea of wearing something which is commonly associated with adolescents. Therefore, a new range of orthodontic treatments have emerged such as Invisalign. These clear braces fit neatly over the teeth and are not as noticeable as traditional versions.

Invisalign treatments are more expensive because of the highly customized nature of the procedure. First, a computer simulation is made of the person’s mouth. This will then be used to create Invisalign braces which give a perfect fit. As the teeth are gradually straightened, new braces will need to be made to continue the process. Invisalign treatment may not be recommended for severely misaligned teeth, and it is rarely used for teenagers as they are still growing.

Surgical Orthodontic Procedures

In the most serious cases, it may be necessary to undergo a surgical procedure to straighten the teeth. This type of scenario normally occurs when there are other underlying issues such as a severe overbite or underbite, and the reasons for surgery are not purely for cosmetic purposes. Your doctor or regular dentist may refer you to a specialist for this type of treatment, or you can research your options privately.

Orthodontic treatment for straighten teeth can be expensive, so ask for an estimate for the total cost of straightening your teeth and consider how you will fund the treatment. Most medical cover and dental insurance includes some provisions for covering orthodontic procedures.